Business to Business Solutions

Consulting for Business... Pro and Con

Odds are... if you are taking the time to read this page....

You may be looking to hire a small business consultant or agency to help you with one or more of the many challenges you may be facing in this ever struggling economy.


Increase Business Productivity The biggest Pro from hiring a small business consultant comes from the wealth of knowledge and expertise they bring to an organization. Not only do they give advice on best practices to improve performance, but they can also provide key change management strategies to pinpoint existing business problems and develop plans for improvement in the problem areas.


Small Business ConsultingThe major Con from hiring a small business consultant has many facets, and typically occurs when a thorough needs and budget analysis is not done prior to the hire, leaving the business owner feeling like they paid for something that they didn't get.

Have you ever had that feeling????

At RLP Business Solutions,
We live by one motto and one motto alone

Rebuilding America One Small Business At a Time

At its core, the creative management team at RLP Business Solutions has a long history of providing expert business to business solutions to many of Americas leading brand names as well as small companies throughout Chicagoland and the Northwest Suburbs, in the areas of marketing, sales consulting, public relations, business development, website design consulting, and graphic design. With that motto in mind our team has banded together to provide that same level of expertise to the small business owner without the hefty hourly price tag.